Commercial & community projects

Blessed Hugh Farringdon Asperger
Resource Base

Project: Blessed Hugh Farringdon Asperger Resource Base
Client: Extraspace Solutions/Reading
Borough Council
Architect/Contract: Extraspace Solutions
M&E Contract value: £180,000
Status: Completed

Description: A fully functioning stand alone
resource base on existing school grounds
for teaching children with special educational

The facility includes a suite of classrooms,
dining room and social spaces. Lighting was
designed to suit the needs of the occupants
with good levels of uniformity and scene
setting controls in each space.

Energy conservation was also part of
the brief and the MEP services were designed
to operate with this in mind, e.g. daylight /
absence detection & control in each area
to allow for reduction in artificial lighting
when natural light was available.

The ventilation system was fully compliant
with Government Guidance
BB 101: Ventilation, thermal comfort and
indoor air quality. The installation included
Heat Recovery and CO2 monitoring and
demand control.

Lenister Rugby Gym & Training

Project: Leinster Rugby Gym & Training

Client: Extraspace Solutions/Lenister
Branch IRFU
Architect/Contract: Extraspace Solutions
M&E Contract value: £200,000
Status: Completed

New Build modular extension
at Lenister Rugbyground in Donnybrook
Dublin. New Gym facility to allow the teams
to stay at peak fitness close to the ground.
The building was complete with a full gym
fit out and medical room, on ground floor
with changing rooms and showers, offices
and meeting room on first floor.

MEP services were designed with a fully ducted Air Conditioning system and heat recovery ventilation to ensure the environmental conditions were ready and comfortable for use 24/7.
First floor shower area was heated by high efficiency condensing gas boiler combined with water heater, hot water for showers provided by the boiler with a fast recovery time on DHW cylinder to ensure ample hot water on demand.

Dundalk Dog Rescue

Project: Dog Rescue Centre, Drumiskin
Client: Dundalk Dog Rescue
Architect/Contract: HQ Building Design
M&E Contract value: £160,000
Status: Completed

Description: New build facility on an existing site and shell building. Rescue Centre is to have capacity for up to 70 dogs including pups.
The site is complete with kennels, assessment rooms, laundry, food prep and kitchen area as well as offices, reception and staff accommodation. There is an external exercise area and full ammonia treatment plant.
The MEP services are designed to comply with all local, national and European regulations and specifically in line with the Code of Practice for the housing and care of animals and other relevant publications.
The services include a CAT 5 water booster set to prevent any back flow contamination on the local water supply. The facility is complete with a ventilation system to rapidly change the fresh air in the kennels to satisfy regulations for this type of environment.