Education Projects

Project: Blessed Hugh Farringdon Asperger Resource Base 
Client: Extraspace Solutions/Reading Borough Council
Architect/Contract: Extraspace Solutions
M&E Contract value: £ 180,000
Status: Completed
Description: A fully functioning stand-alone resource based
on existing school grounds for teaching children with special
educational needs. The facility includes a suite of classrooms,
dining room and social spaces. Lighting was designed to 
suit the needs of the occupants with good levels of
uniformity and scene-setting controls in each space.
Energy conservation was also part of the brief and the MEP
services were designed to operate with this in mind,
e.g. daylight / absence detection & control in each area
to allow for reduction in artificial lighting when natural light
was available.  The ventilation system was fully compliant
with Government Guidance document  BB 101: Ventilation,
thermal comfort and indoor air quality. The installation
included Heat Recovery and CO2 monitoring and
demand control.

Project: Bridge Association HQ​

Client: Bridge Association​​

Architect/Contract: Alan Bennett Architects​

M&E Contract Value: £ 400,000​​

Status: In Design​

Mechanical & Electrical services installations were designed to allow trainees to operate the lighting and heating to suit their particular needs.  We were aware of the importance of cost control on this project from scheme design stage ensuring that our Client receives value for money without comprising the Mechanical & Electrical Services Design.  We were holistic in our approach to services design with particular emphasis on energy conservation and reduction. All of our Mechanical & Electrical designs were assessed to ensure Low Carbon principles were adopted. ​

Project: Minet Nursery, Junior and Infant School/DfE​

Architect/Contract: Initiative​

M&E Contract Value: £ 1.6m​

Status: Completed​

Full Mechanical and Electrical Services design including plumbing, soils & wastes, sanitaryware, ventilation. Electrical design included power distribution, lighting, emergency lighting, fire alarm, access control, IT network installations. All services installations for the project were designed and co-ordinated within strict education authority guidelines and regulations including automatic daylight & occupancy control of lighting in each space and CO2 controlled B101 ventilation systems.​